Streamlined Style for Versatile Screening

Roller blinds are the ideal window covering for those seeking a sleek, uncluttered look and versatile screening for home or commercial applications. Curtain Machine offers an exciting selection of contemporary roller blinds, tailor-made to your window type, light filtering requirements, operational needs and aesthetic palette.

With a comprehensive range of fabric types, including blockout, translucent and sheer, along with rolling options including spring, chain, battery and electric, at Curtain Machine there’s something to suit every window. Working with the latest innovations in roller blind fabrics and materials from leading international brands, our experienced team will help you transform your space into a more functional, beautiful and user-friendly place to be. 

Functional Solutions

We can install blinds that are motorised for easy activation at the touch of a button, as well as adding timers and sensors to ensure ultimate convenience. 

This functionality can be used to optimise other benefits, such as insulation or light blocking, by automating blinds to respond to time of day or weather conditions. See our Automation section for more information.

Benefits of Custom Roller Blinds

Don’t let their simplicity fool you – these elegant roller blinds are as smart as they are stylish. Whether you’re seeking a light blocking solution for a bedroom, day or night privacy enhancement, thermal window insulation or all of the above, roller blinds can help. 

Specialised fabrics can be used in roller blinds to create insulating properties without adding excess bulk. The Verosol Silverscreen range reflects up to 82% of the suns rays, blinds made in these smart materials reduce heat loss in winter and heat retention in summer. This can offer significant, year-round reductions in energy costs. 

Blockout roller blinds offer great benefits for rooms with darkness requirements, such as bedrooms. Or, if you’re looking for privacy screening that doesn’t block the light, translucent and sheer roller blinds can enhance privacy while allowing light to filter though.


Brands We Use and Trust

Curtain Machine supplies custom cut roller blinds from leading brands. All components are sourced from trusted suppliers including:

Open your space up to enhanced functionality and streamlined style with roller blinds. Contact the team at Curtain Machine now to request a  quote. 

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